Sherwin-Williams Emerald vs. Duration: Which is Better for Kitchen Walls?

Deciding between Sherwin-Williams Emerald and Duration for painting your kitchen walls can be difficult as both offer high quality. So which of the two paints is best for your kitchen walls?

Although Sherwin-Williams Emerald and Duration are excellent paints, they differ. As a result, there are situations where one outperforms the other. 

Therefore, reading this comparison of Emerald versus Duration is crucial to make an informed decision. 

Don’t miss out on this essential read to help you choose the superior paint between the two.

Similarities: Sherwin-Williams Emerald vs. Duration

Both Emerald and Duration share certain features, such as:


Easy cleaning: Both finishes can be cleaned without damaging the surfaces. A damp cloth is usually enough to clean the walls thoroughly.

Stain removal: Though rare, tough stains may occur. But there is no need to worry about them as a mild detergent and warm water can effectively clean the walls and surfaces.


Both products have antimicrobial properties, which help prevent mold and mildew growth. 

This makes them a good choice for surfaces frequently exposed to moisture and humidity, such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Stain-Blocking Technology

Both products feature stain-blocking technology that helps to preserve the appearance of painted surfaces over time. 

This technology enables the paints to cover up any stains or blemishes that may be present on the surface before painting. 

It also helps create a smooth and even finish, even on surfaces with irregularities or imperfections.


This additive makes the products ideal for painting on vinyl. So, expect neither buckling nor warping upon applying either of the two on vinyl surfaces.


Sherwin-Williams recognizes the significance of VOC in paint and the potential health hazards associated with them. Thus, both products have low VOC levels.


Emerald and Duration are water-based. These acrylic latex paints will leave roller marks and brush strokes after painting.

That’s why it is advisable to use two coats. A primer coat first will give a great finish.

A gallon of these interior paints can cover 350 to 400 square feet. Their exterior counterparts cover between 250 and 300 square feet.

Dry Time

When it comes to painting, dry time is essential for a successful and efficient project.

  • Emerald and Duration (interior): one hour of dry time
  • Wait 24 to 48 hours before applying another coat.

Note that their exterior counterparts have a drying time of two hours.


Sherwin-Williams is known for its vast color palette, providing homeowners and professionals with an extensive range of options.

  • With over 1700 colors available, you get a wide range of hues, shades, and tones to suit any design preference or style. 
  • Emerald offers a range of color collections with 200 new colors, including brighter and purer whites. These colors are exclusively available in the Emerald Designer Color Collection.

Both paints offer custom color-matching services, allowing customers to match any desired color. The color options available can vary depending on the region and store location.

Paint and Primer

Both products are a combination of paint and primer. Consider adding a primer coat when painting light shades over their dark counterparts, painting drywall, or changing from a high gloss to a low gloss finish.

Type of Paint

Both Emerald and Duration are types of acrylic latex paint, which makes them user-friendly and easy to clean.

Differences: Sherwin-Williams Emerald vs. Duration

When it comes to Emerald vs. Duration, the differences include the following;


Emerald is not just more expensive than Duration but the costliest of all the paints in this product line. It is 7% more pricey than Duration, with a price difference of about $5.

The price of a gallon Emerald ranges from $77 to $83. On the other hand, that Duration is between $72 and $78.

PermaLast Technology

It is a technology with some advantages and disadvantages. It is responsible for the extra thickness exhibited in Duration since it introduces more acrylic copolymers.

Thanks to the thickness, Duration is long-lasting with considerable flexibility. Besides durability, the hide is also superior.

Nevertheless, this thickness also has some drawbacks. For example, it is usually sticky and hard to apply.

The result isn’t as smooth as that of Emerald. But, equally important, cleaning its brushes and rollers isn’t easy.

Suitability for Often Used Areas

There are areas that people frequently visit in a house. They include kitchens, recreation rooms, playrooms, and bathrooms.

Duration is the best option for such areas, thanks to its high resistance to mildew, mold, and stains. It is also easy to clean using water and mild soap.

Moisture Resistance

Thanks to its moisture-resistant technology, Duration is ideal when dealing with high moisture levels. It suits basements, bathrooms, and areas exposed to morning dew or rain.

Emerald doesn’t have this technology.

Available Sheens

Some sheens are common in Emerald and Duration interior paints. They include flat, satin, matte, and semi-gloss.

Emerald Designer Edition has different finishes. It offers flat, satin, gloss, and eg-shel.

Emerald exterior paint includes flat, satin, and gloss sheens. Duration exterior has an additional option: flat, low-luster, satin, and gloss.

Volume Solids

Paints contain three main components: the binding agent, additives, and pigment. The volume of solids determines their thickness and coverage. High-volume solids provide a thicker finish and greater coverage.  In contrast, low-volume solids require more coats for a great result.

The Emerald interior paint has higher volume solids, making it thicker and providing better coverage than Duration. 

However, the exterior paints in the Emerald and Duration product lines have the same volume of solids.

Final Words on Sherwin-Williams Emerald vs. Duration for Kitchen Walls

When painting kitchen walls and other interior surfaces, Sherwin-Williams Emerald and Duration paints are excellent choices. 

Both paints have low VOC levels, are easy to clean, and come in various colors. 

While Emerald stands out as the superior option in terms of durability and overall quality, Duration still boasts above-average flexibility, coverage, and durability.

If you prioritize superior coverage, then Emerald would be the ideal choice. However, Duration would be the better option for areas prone to high moisture, such as bathrooms.

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