What Color Floor Goes With Oak Cabinets? (Ideas for Best Color Options)

Oak cabinets have always been the loveliest additions to rooms and are available in a pool of different shades. And this is what makes it pretty hard to find the best floor color that can blend in.

If you own oak cabinets, you might have thought of pairing them with the floor. In this article, we talk about what color floor goes with oak cabinets.

Oak cabinets are available in plenty of natural shades, and similarly, the best color for the neighboring floor depends on what color cabinets you own.

Oak wood comes with warm undertones, and you can use it as a starting point.

Furthermore, other versions of oak are available, such as red oak or white oak, and that too in plenty of shades.

To start, you should look for floor colors that fit perfectly with the oak’s style and temperature. For instance:

  • You can opt for green, blue, or brown floor colors as they will emphasize nature.
  • The white floor looks stunning and provides a neutral warmth.
  • Opt for grey if you wish to have cool and neutral color.

Picking the right color that fits in perfectly is challenging, but we have you covered! Read on to know more.

Floor Colors That Go With Oak Cabinets

Traditionally, it is because of the two classes that make oak so famous. The white and red classes are responsible for their skyrocketing popularity. These classes have an exclusive range of brightness and darkness.

And their standards are truly living up to their name!

  • The white oak wood appears incredibly white, which is pretty unusual as a wood species.
  • The red oak wood showcases rich pink undertones, giving off a reddish look.

All in all, no matter how dark or light color cabinets you have, you will get only three options. Cool, warm, or neutral colors, choose as per your taste!

If you own light-shaded oak cabinets, pairing them with cool floor colors will create a contrast effect.

If you pair them with warm colors, it will brighten up the entire room, while the neutral colors won’t sway the room in any way.

Note: It is vital to take note that rooms go darker to lighter as it goes starting from the floor and then all the way to the ceiling.

Green, Blue, And Brown Flooring

Regardless of your wood type, it is often easy to elaborate on natural colors. Now, colors like blue and green are powerful and versatile colors and are present around you.

So, if you have light oak cabinets, you can opt for navy blue or indigo. This will help you create a perfect base. Or, you may opt for green colors like sage or pine.

And if you wish to create a pop-up effect, it can be a bit difficult, as the light oak cabinets are way brighter in the first place. In this case, you may opt for light shades of blue and green, like mint green or sky blue.

Again, you can choose a brown color for your flooring as well. This is a neutral color. You can use a sandy brown shade to recreate a beach house look.

These three colors are generally used together to recreate Japanese or coastal scenes.

White Floor

White is the most versatile color of all. Being a neutral color, it has a pretty high temperature. Also, it can reflect every color, making itself the perfect canvas for a style.

If you own light-shaded oak cabinets, you may install a white floor to match the warmth of the oak cabinet. This would fit in and look stunning if you have white oak cabinets.

White and oak cabinets are a favorite choice for many interior designs, such as farmhouses, cottages, or country.

Grey Floor

Talking grey color, it is a neutral and cool color that can go with anything, including oak cabinets of both light and dark shades and other wood types.

If you wish to pair grey floors with light oak cabinets, you should use a brighter shade of this color. Not only this, but grey also showcases its blueish and greenish undertones.

Grey color with blue undertones can affect in giving off a steely look. And lighter shades of grey can also be used to create a contrast.

If you wish, you can avoid using dark grey colored floors as the temperatures will create a greater contrast.

And being associated with industrial interior designs, having dark grey floors paired with light oak cabinets will give off a modern yet simple look.

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Which Floor Color Would Be Best For Honey Cabinets?

If you own honey oak cabinets, you should know that honey oak is another bright and stained type of red oak class.

This oak appears light and sweet. Also, with time it can develop slight golden hues as well.

So, you can pair it with the above flooring colors.

Which Color Hardwood Floor Should Go With Oak Cabinets?

There is no specific set of colors. Any kind of hardwood floor will be able to complement the natural appearance of oak cabinets.

The brown undertones will be common property, as they both are made of wood. Anything that you need to keep in check is the agreement and the contrast.

Now, if you own light-shade oak cabinets, opt for brighter hardwood floors such as maple or cherry.

Or, if you wish to install darker oak cabinets, opt for a cool color like walnut again if you reverse it to create a contrast.

The Bottom Line

Not only do oak cabinets look exclusive, but they are also very durable. And when it comes to furniture, it can be way expensive.

Hence, if you are concerned about flooring, use the right color to balance the colors or to create a contrast.

And now that you know which color suits the best against light or dark oak cabinets, get started with the flooring today!

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