What Color Hardware for White Kitchen Cabinets? (Tips On How To Choose)

White kitchen cabinetry is all you need to achieve a refreshing and cleaner vibe. It creates spaciousness and gives an optimistic character to the kitchen space. 

But have you ever wondered whether other hardware shades of knobs or hinges would perfectly fit and match the color schemes in your kitchen?

And if you have been wondering the same, you have reached the right place. 

Choosing the right colored hardware for your kitchen will enhance its versatility and give your kitchen a strikingly beautiful look!

This write-up discusses some warm and cool-colored hardware that can go with white cabinets, giving your kitchen a stunning and minimalist look.  

White cabinets have always been popular choices in kitchens and bathrooms. Here are the best-colored hardware that will suit the best on your white cabinets:

  • Black matte or flat finish
  • White
  • Brass (gold tone)
  • Silver
  • Bronze 
  • Pewter (grey tone)
  • Copper (brown patina)

Best Color Hardware For White Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re new to choosing industrial palettes for your kitchen, this place is perfect. Looking for the best hardware color for white kitchen cabinets? Here is what you should be looking at  –

#1 Black Matte Or Flat Finish

Some of the best color choices for white cabinet hardware are flat black or matte black. They are certainly one of the best choices. 

The hardware, such as hinges, handles, or pulls in matte or flat black, incredibly uplift the overall look of the cabinet. As you know, the black color gives off a stylish and precise contrast against white. 

A grayish backsplash will give you a killing look with black accents to the countertop or stovetop. Again, to give the kitchen a nice complement, get a matte silver faucet.

#2 White

Black hardware is one of the favorite paired shades for people with white kitchen cabinets. But, guess what, it is not just black alone. If you wish to have a luxurious and calm environment in the kitchen, you should opt for white-colored hardware. 

It enhances your kitchen’s overall appearance. Well, who doesn’t like the luxury of living with an all-time classic and antique kitchen with incredible details?

You should install white-colored cabinets with exposed handles and drawer pulls if you do. 

These are generally made of ceramic, porcelain, or painted glass which deliver you the loveliness. 

#3 Brass (Gold Tone)

It is not just black and white hardware that suits the best on white cabinetry. Gold accents to white cabinets appear like royalties.

Yes, polished and bright brass knobs or handles appear classy and leave a timeless impression over white cabinetry, but the gold-tone makes the brass look incredible. 

Choosing brass hardware with a gold-tone would look impeccably beautiful on cabinets and give your kitchen a traditional and contemporary touch. 

Paired with tan, polished wood furniture, stovetops, and countertops, the brassy gold-toned hardware will enhance the interplay and vibrancy of colors in your kitchen. 

#4 Silver

If your kitchen has a modernized and neutral look consisting of silver-gray or light blue tones, you should opt for silver-colored hardware. 

Yes, the precise tone of silver suits the silver or blue tones incredibly.

If you wish to keep it simple, opt for hardware with a stainless steel finish, or if you wish to uplift the appearance, search for metal, zinc-alloy, or chrome-plated finish. 

It appears aesthetic when installed over bright white cabinetry, silver-colored hinges, drawer pulls, and handles. The silver handles propel a pretty appealing and eye-catching look. 

However, the condition is that silver hardware goes the best with grayish or navy-blue tones. 

#5 Bronze 

Does your kitchen have an industrial or an antique touch with mesmerizing vintage details? Then don’t wait any longer; get yourself some hardware made of bronze.

You’re wrong if you think black, white, and brass are the only shades that go with the classic white tones. 

Not many people prefer going with bronze or bronze-colored hardware. They mostly opt for golden-colored hardware because of its popularity.

If your kitchen has a rustic feel and tanned countertops, brass hardware suits the best! 

Hardware with a pure brass finish will complement the white tone of the cabinets, and the interplay of accents will align perfectly with the industrial look of your kitchen. 

#6 Copper (Brown Patina)

If you have a vintage, rustic, or cottage-style kitchen with classic white cabinetry in your home, then you might want to pick hardware with a copper finish. 

White kitchen cabinets look exceptionally well with copper finish hardware such as handles; drawer pulls, hinges, etc.

A kitchen with a polished-wood finished countertop or stove can develop a vintage-style kitchen, and some copper hardware against the cabinets will make it picture-perfect.

It gives off a soft shade instead of a bright shade. If you wish to elevate the charm, copper patina is the one!

#7 Pewter (Grey Tone)

Do you know how gray fits into white? Does your kitchen have classic white cabinets, a wood-finished and polished countertop or stovetop, and wood-finish floors? 

Surprisingly you’re not limited to using black, bronze, brass, white, or copper hardware in contrast to a white kitchen.

If you have been looking for uniquely different colored hardware, pewter finished hardware matches the best. 

Pewter gives off a slight grayish tone. It doesn’t have reflective and high gloss qualities like steel, brass, or zinc. But still, it is capable of giving a modern and clean look. 

It is the best for a kutcha with black, silver, white, or brown elements. 


Now that you have read the article here, you know about the best options of colored hardware for a kitchen with white cabinetry accents. 

The best hardware color for your white kitchen entirely depends on your kitchen’s accents, elements, and accessories. Considering all these things, such as cabinet color, countertop color, etc., will help you determine what hardware color would fit in and elevate the gorgeousness of your kitchen. 

The colors mentioned above are certainly the most popular choices! You can either buy new hardware or paint the old hardware with spray paint. Before you choose, do prefer choosing a color combination that makes your white kitchen stand out!

Good luck!

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