How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint? (A Quick and Easy Guide)

If you have longed to give your kitchen cabinets a brand-new look by using chalk paint, you have reached the right place!

Chalk paint looks excellent on kitchen cabinets, giving off a fine matte finish. And if you have a farmhouse or a shabby-chic décor, no wonder using chalk paint is the best idea!

And in this article, we will tell you how to paint your kitchen cabinets using chalk paint. 


There are things in the kitchen you will not be painting, so make sure you cover those using newspapers, plastic sheets, and clothes. 

Safety is important. So, remember to wear safety equipment before you paint. This will keep you safe from toxic fumes and fine particles. Wearing a face mask, safety gloves, and using safety glasses is a must. 

Equipment and Materials You’ll Need

Here is the list of tools and materials. Make sure you have these:

Tools and Equipment

  1. Paintbrush
  2. Screwdriver or Drill
  3. Sandpaper 150-grit
  4. Shop towels
  5. Sandpaper 220-grit


  1. Primer
  2. Wood filler
  3. Chalk paint
  4. Degreaser
  5. Polycrylic protective finish


Now that you have all the necessary tools and materials, let’s get started!

Step #1 Remove Hardware and Cabinets

Use the drill to remove the doors from all the cabinets. Ensure you keep all the removed hinges properly unless you plan on installing a new set of hardware. 

Remove all the drawer front from the drawers, and ensure you don’t leave any internal hardware. Also, remove all sorts of hardware used in your cabinets, such as the pulls and knobs. 

Step #2 Fill in the Holes Using Wood Filler

If you wish to install net sets of hardware, you will need to use the wood filler to fill out the holes from the old hardware.  

After you have applied the wood filler, let it dry. Later, use sandpaper to smoothen out the surfaces. 

Step #3 Thoroughly Clean Your Cabinets

It does not matter whether you are installing new hardware or just putting the old hardware back in its place; cleaning the kitchen cabinets is a must. So, do not skip this step. 

Cleaning the cabinets is vital, as when you apply coats of chalk paint, you want it to be smooth and perfect! If you do not clean the cabinets, stains are much more likely to spoil the look of your cabinet. 

You should use the degreasing agent and shop towel to clean the stained areas thoroughly. You will need to repeat this step to get a cleaner look. 

Step #4 Sand and Coat with Primer

Applying the primer on your cabinets is totally up to you, as priming ensures way better paint adhesion and promotes the paint’s durability. 

Do not worry; there is no need for heavy sanding. Lightly sand the surfaces of the cabinets. This will help the paint to stick for a long time. You can use 150- 220 grit sandpaper for this. 

Now, you can apply the primer or directly paint the cabinets. 

Note: if you apply primer, wait till it dries up. Also, sand the primer coat if you find such instructions. 

Step #5 Paint

Now, it is time to paint. Use the paintbrush to paint. Apply the paint to your cabinets. Make sure you apply even strokes and do not paint hastily. You should work fairly quickly, as chalk paint dries fast. 

Again, let the paint dry between coats. 

Note: The number of coats depends on the wood’s color and the thick coat you apply. You can apply the top three coats, and it is also a fact that the lesser coats you apply, it will give the cabinets a farmhouse-type look. 

Step #6 Sanding Paint

This is an optional step. After you have applied the paint, you will certainly observe brush strokes. This thing is quite normal when you use chalk paint. If you love how it appears, leave it as it is. 

Or, you may give it gentle sand. This will transform the look of the paint and will give off a much smoother finish. 

Step #7 Seal Your Cabinets

Generally, chalk paints are sealed using wax after application. You may seal it with the same if you like. Or you may apply a polyacrylic sealer.

This will help the paint stay longer, withstand everyday use, wear and tear, and prevent yellowing with time (read more on Why Does White Paint Turn Yellow?). 

Step #8 Install the Hardware

It is time to put the removed hardware back in its place. Attach the drawer fronts and put them back in their original place.

If you want to paint the hardware, we have another article about How To Paint Kitchen Cabinet Hardware.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty easy to work with chalk paint. So, if you are a beginner, you can do it easily. Unlike other paints, here you have to make very few preparations. Also, you do not need to sand things that much. 

Also, painting with chalk paint is not that time-consuming either. So, if you are looking for an effective plan to transform your kitchen, start prepping now!

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