What Color Hardware Looks Best With Oak Cabinets? (Tips For Refreshing)

Oak cabinets are a staple for homes that require a classic look. They are durable and are all-around great cabinets when it comes to functionality. 

But with time flow, these cabinets can appear OUTDATED, specifically when paired with real hardware. In this article, we take a look at what color hardware looks best with oak cabinets.

If you own such cabinets, you might wonder if you can change the hardware to uplift the outdated oak cabinet to a modern look

When it comes to hardware colors for your oak cabinets, you should always choose the colors that offer maximum contrast.

Also, adding new hardware to the cabinet will not only make the cabinet stand out but also provide a visual break in the monotony of your golden oak cabinet. 

Here are the colors that will leave the best impact on your oak cabinets by offering you the best contrast:

  • Bronze (Oil-Rubbed)
  • Black
  • Nickel and Silver

Do not worry; we will walk you through the options mentioned above. 

Best Hardware Colors For Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Before we rush off to our primary objective, let us take a glance and try to understand the coloration of oak cabinetry. 

Oak Kitchen Island

Oak cabinets are renowned as Honey Oak as well. Honey Oak or Oak got its name from its yellow and golden undertones and distinctive wood grain pattern. 

Due to their durable and heavy property, they enjoyed skyrocketing popularity from the early 1980s to the late 1990s.

This is why most people who have oak cabinets look forward to upgrading them instead of replacing them. One would not replace oak cabinets until it starts disintegrating.

Here are the best hardware colors that will leave a beautiful impact on your oak cabinets:

In our everyday lives, we gravitate towards items with a matte or flat black finishing. Black is not like other shades; it defines modernity and class. This is why many of us tend to purchase things that have a black finishing. 

#1 Black

But will hardware with a black finishing look good on golden oak cabinets? What do you think?

When it comes to black hardware, hands-down! It is the top choice for altering and modernizing your oak cabinet’s appearance.

Well, absolutely, yes! Black is one of the best options that anyone will give you.

Its sleekness and modern nature will transform your kitchen into a more chic space. Not only that, black finished hardware will give off a striking contrast to your golden cabinets. 

Black Handle

Another probable reason we should choose black is that it distracts people from pointing out the kitchen’s outdated elements. No wonder choosing black hardware is the best choice you can make. 

Furthermore, black hardware is a popular option because it complements most appliances, stovetops, or countertops.

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When looking for black hardware, pick the thick ones with precise curves!

#2 Nickel and Silver

If you wish not to use black or bronze finished hardware, the best color option is silver or nickel finish hardware.

There are several hardware color options, but one should determine the hardware color according to the elements and accents used in the kitchen. 

Yes, silver or nickel shades have a pretty soft contrast, so these two shades often suit most of the décor styles

Silver and nickel shades are very natural and have a neutral finishing. Hence they do not bring any warmth to the room and its accessories, such as cabinets. 

Nickel Handle

When trying to even the yellow undertones, it would be best to avoid hardware with silver finishing as they reflect a lot. This, in turn, will add much more warmth to the room. 

#3 Bronze (Oil-Rubbed)

If you have been searching for the perfect hardware color for your oak kitchen, then a glossy bronze will make a perfect fit. Hardware such as knobs, hinges, and drawer pulls with a glossy bronze finish will uplift the look of your cabinet

The hardware with a glossy bronze finish will establish the perfect balance between brown and black. Also, hardware with such a finish will change its shades under different lighting options. 

Oil Rubbed Bronze Handle

In certain cases, glossier bronze hardware tends to appear black. While in other cases and under dim light conditions, they give off a darker bronze look.

It’s the best color that works perfectly with oak cabinets under light conditions. Also, bronze is pretty subtle and will not spoil a room’s look with too much warmth. 

Again, these sorts of hardware are categorized in the list of high-end products, and it would be best if you are looking for more traditional or contemporary hardware for your kitchen. 

#4 Brass

Brass hardware that gives off an antique look is certainly one of the most popular choices for oak cabinetry.

Polished brass is more common in farmhouse-style kitchens.

They’re back to being popular now, and these kitchens often call for curvy, scrolled, polished brass.

Brass Handle

Modern brass hardware offers a chic and aesthetic look to the kitchen. 

It offers low contrast and creates a perfect distraction. 

The Bottom Line

Altering the hardware of your oak cabinets is one of the best for refreshing or updating the looks of your oak cabinets without replacing the entire cabinet or painting the cabinet. 

Yes, if you think your cabinet is still useful today, you can REPLACE the hardware with colors that provide the best contrast. And if you are looking for an even simpler solution, then you can just paint the cabinet hardware!

But if your cabinets are loose and hazy, then replacing the hardware is not enough. You might need to consider reconstructing them. 

If you are ready to alter the appearance of your golden oak cabinets without replacing them, get your colored hardware today! It will certainly help you elevate the looks of your kitchen to a whole new level.

Good luck!

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