How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware? Select The Right Style

The kitchen is mostly characterized by its cabinetry as it’s the most crucial part and element of your kitchen. Before choosing the cabinet color and hardware, you should choose appropriate lighting in contrast to the paint tones and other elements in your kitchen. 

And yes, when you have to consider such factors, choosing the appropriate cabinet hardware for your kitchen can get tricky.

Before buying any, you must remember the style and size of the hardware you want to install.

Of course, numerous kitchen cabinet hardware is available in the market, but choosing the best one might not be easy. 

If you have difficulty finding the right cabinet hardware, you have reached the best place.

This write-up will tell you how to choose your kitchen cabinet hardware. Read this article till the end to know more!

What Is Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

What it is: A kitchen cabinet hardware refers to the handles or pulls and knobs that are attached to your drawers and cabinets.

Hardware also refers to the hinges allowing cabinet windows or doors to swing open.

Yes, the primary use of any kitchen cabinet hardware is to help you open the drawers and cabinets. 

Types: The most common types of kitchen cabinet hardware are pulls and knobs.

  • Pulls are long and are generally attached to drawers.
  • Knobs are relatively smaller in size and generally attached over cabinet doors.

However, you can use either a knob or pull to open cabinets. 

The right handle or knob can create a striking visual impact on your kitchen’s aesthetics. Well, rightly chosen kitchen hardware elevates a room’s gorgeousness effortlessly. 

Investing in the right style and hardware size is the easiest way to give your cabinets a facelift.

So whether you are building a fresh new kitchen, or just planning to get new replacements, here is how you should choose the right hardware style. 

Choosing the Right Hardware Style

No matter how you look at it, the primary objective of cabinet hardware remains the same. But, it adds a lot more value to your kitchen’s gorgeousness.

You should always consider the style of your cabinets while choosing hardware.

Even the slightest difference in size and style can cause huge appearance blunders. And also keep in mind the other elements in the kitchen. 

Hardware such as pulls and knobs come in many designs and shades.

Yes, it is like you get a pool of choices, and choosing the right one is a tough call.

For example, if your kitchen has a traditional style, you can choose ornate pulls and knobs. 

Now, if your kitchen has a temporary conn style, you can choose knobs and pulls with long lines and a simple look. 

Again, if your kitchen has a transitional look, you can choose simple hardware. If you wish, you can also opt for rustic choices. The options you get are typically endless. 

Function-Wise Considerations

  • You need to make the right call, as the knobs come in a pool of shapes
  • Choose the type of knobs that you and your family are comfortable with; rounded knobs are among the best choices, as they are less likely to scratch your hands than sharp-edged square knob
  • If you wish to keep it all perfect, then you should opt for rounded knobs

Choosing the Right Finish

When looking for hardware with proper finishing, you should remember that the finish depends on the manufacturer.

If you look for oil-rubbed bronze finished hardware, you can see how it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

And it is a fact that the color of oil-rubbed bronze hardware can also change its appearance under different lighting. Under some lights, it can appear borderline black, while in some, it has a rusty appearance. 

And if you are concerned about the color combination of your kitchen, then you buy that hardware that goes along all the elements.

Yes, as long as you keep it all cohesive, you are all good!

The hardware finish does only include just the pulls or knobs. In most general terms, hardware finishes refer to the cabinet hardware, the lighting conditions, cabinet hinges, and even sink hardware. 

Again, there is nothing like right or wrong hardware finish styles. Here, you should prioritize your personal preference, and choose the style and finish you love!

Choosing the Right Size

Your kitchen’s overall style and design are critical in determining the hardware size you should pick. Cabinets range in size, so deciding what size you need can be challenging.

While there is no set rule, a good starting point is that the pull length is approximately 1/3 of the cabinet width.

In my experience, if you choose a long pull that is equal to or bigger than 9”, it will give off a more contemporary look. A pull that has a size of 5” to 7” will give off a traditional or transitional look. 

The hardware size matters much more when choosing pulls, and the size of the knobs barely affects the style. Yes, it is just the style of the knob that defines the style. 

If you wish, you can mix the sizes of the hardware or use the same sized hardware throughout your house. 

Mixing Cabinet Hardware

If you thought you could mix cabinet hardware, then let me tell you that it entirely depends on you! But, if you plan to do this for only one room, then this would not be a good plan. 

If you wish to keep a certain combination, choose one knob and one pull, and make sure these two hardware pieces complement each other. 

And if you would like to opt for mix and match, then you follow consistent patterns and should be used on all cabinets in your home. 

Cabinet Hardware Colors

Regarding best hardware colors in general, go for gold, black, silver, or nickel. These are the shades that go with almost every color and accent. 

If you want to choose the best hardware color for oak cabinets, go for bronze (oil-rubbed), black, nickel, or silver.

The best hardware colors for white cabinets are black matte or flat finish, white, brass (gold tone), silver, bronze, pewter (grey tone), or copper (brown patina).


As you have read this article, we hope it will help you find the best kitchen cabinet hardware. There are a lot of things that matter when choosing the hardware. 

Now that you know the factors you should consider when buying kitchen cabinet hardware, you are all set to continue shopping!

Good luck!

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