What Paint Color Goes With Honey Oak Cabinets? (Tips for Best Colors)

Honey oak cabinets are a popular option for many kitchens because of their cozy and welcoming appearance. Finding the perfect wall paint color for these cabinets can be challenging, though.

The color of the walls dramatically influences the mood of the room. Therefore, one must choose shades that harmonize with the honey oak’s golden tones and complement them.

Honey oak cabinets go nicely with various wall paint colors, from soft and neutral tones such as creamy white and warm gray to bolder and more vibrant shades such as light blue and pale yellow.

  • The appropriate tone can improve the room’s overall aesthetic and ambiance while drawing attention to the cabinets and making them the room’s focal point.
  • The quantity of natural light a room receives and the area’s general design and decor should be considered when picking a wall paint.
  • Consider the color of the flooring, countertops, and other finishes in the space, as these components all contribute to a unified appearance.

This article will discuss the question of “what paint color goes with honey oak cabinets” and offer suggestions and guidance for choosing the perfect paint to enhance the beauty of your cabinets.

What Color Is Honey Oak?

Honey oak is a wood tone that has warm, golden hues. It is typically a medium shade of brown and orange with yellow undertones.

It’s classic, timeless, and popular for traditional kitchen designs. It often has visible grain patterns throughout the wood, varying depending on the cabinet construction species.

Best Paint Colors for Honey Oak Cabinets

The best paint colors for honey oak cabinets are warm, neutral tones that complement the wood’s existing tone.

For a light and airy look, go with shades of white like creamy ivory, dove gray, and light beige. Try navy blue or gray undertones for a bolder contrast against the cabinets.

1. Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

Alabaster is extremely pale off-white with only a touch of shading. Although it appears to be cream, it has no yellow overtones that would contrast with the honey oak. An oak kitchen with honey cabinets would look fantastic with this tone.

2. Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams

This is a conventional, dependable shade of black. It can be a dramatic backdrop highlighting the rich, golden tones of the cabinets. Additionally, honey wood is sufficiently light to provide some contrast against the black, dark color, keeping the space in harmony.

There are different types of oak wood cabinets. Honey oak, golden oak, and white oak are some examples. Honey oak is the most popular in kitchen cabinets.

3. Salty Dog by Sherwin Williams

Navy blue and bright royal blue tones are combined to create Salty Dog. The latest neutral color is navy blue, which looks amazing in kitchens. Salty Dog is a perfect match for golden tones because blues are a lovely complementary color to it.

4. Watery by Sherwin Williams

Watery is a calm, serene shade of light blue-green color. It adds a cool, soothing atmosphere to balance spaces that would otherwise feel overheated and dominated by the warm tones of cabinets.

5. Searching Blue by Sherwin Williams

The blue shade in Searching Blue has a slight violet undertone. It is reminiscent of cottage interior design and old-fashioned porcelain. This cool blue shade has a slight violet undertone that pairs perfectly with the warm undertones of oak.

When looking for a trusted partner for honey oak, blue is a different approach. This shade of blue is a good choice for those who want to add a little more drama and sophistication to their space. You can see how it brightens the white trim and makes the kitchen’s flooring and countertops sparkle.

6. Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams

Soft and succulent green-gray paint color describes Evergreen Fog. It is also the 2022 tone of the year, as per Sherwin Williams. This shade of sage green gives honey oak a calming, natural appearance.

7. Softer Tan by Sherwin Williams

Softer Tan is a warm neutral shade belonging to the yellow color family, so it has a subtle yellow undertone and some orange tones in its beige shade. The yellow undertones in this warm color should blend well with oak cabinets.

8. White Dove by Benjamin Moore

White Dove is a gently tinted white with a pull toward greige paint color. It is an excellent choice for brightening up honey wood-filled spaces or providing a beautiful clean complement to honey oak decorations and trim.

It’s no secret that greige, a combination of gray and beige, is a timeless shade trend that’s sticking around.

9. Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Hale Navy, a night-dark navy blue, creates a dark backdrop against which cabinets glow. As Hale Navy’s blue will be picked up by honey oak and made to shine, these tones will bring forth the best in each other.

10. Jack Frost by Benjamin Moore

With a fun splash of cool color, Jack Frost, a cool blue, moves honey oak in a positive direction. It works well in a room that you wish to remain light-colored.

11. Purple Lace by Benjamin Moore

The tone of Purple Lace is a pale lavender blue. The purple undertone is the natural equivalent of honey oak’s golden tones because it is the complimentary hue of yellow. Purple Lace serves two purposes at once: it is light enough to brighten up somewhat darker surroundings.

12. Lotus Leaf by Behr

Lotus Leaf is a vibrant succulent green-blue. This paint gives a room an organic, nature-inspired feel while quenching and mellowing honey oak.

The Bottom Line

Selecting the proper wall paint color to compliment honey oak cabinets is important in creating a beautiful and harmonious kitchen or bathroom. Numerous wall paints go well with honey oak, regardless of whether you want a light and neutral hue like a creamy white or a bold and bright tone like light blue.

When choosing a color, consider the quantity of natural lighting the space receives, the overall design and decor, and the tone of the worktops, floors, and other finishes.

Many paint brands offer multiple paint lines with different finishes for interior walls. We have another piece of article about two popular paint lines – Sherwin-Williams Cashmere vs. Emerald.

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